Killer Instinct Has Been Given A Lifeline!

No, we’re not talking about the first episode released in the 1990s, but the reboot that debuted on Xbox One (which was one of the first of the swallows to have a new episode with the same name as the first episode of the franchise).


Killer Instinct was one of the launch titles on Xbox One in 2013, and received seasonal updates in terms of content, such as Rash, who made the jump from Battletoads. He might have been overpowered compared to the other characters. At the time, Microsoft was still serious about Xbox exclusivity, so it wasn’t immediately released for PC and Xbox Game Pass (which was still a long way off), but had to wait until 2016 for the Windows Store version, and it wasn’t until 2017 that the fighting game made it to Steam.

Despite its age, Iron Galaxy’s Killer Instinct was moved to new servers this year, and now that the game is 10 years old, it’s getting an update and a positive price move. Those who have previously purchased Killer Instinct on PC will receive a free Anniversary Edition version of the game, which includes all 29 characters and their holiday accessories, as well as a double XP booster as part of the package. However, those who download the game for free may encounter a limitation: the free version, which has not yet been released, will rotate the only (!) free character every week!

The patch notes for update 3.10 list mostly buffs and nerfs per character, and it’s no coincidence that we mentioned that Rash was an almost ridiculously OP character, as his Wrecking Ball and Shadow Big Bad Boot moves have been toned down significantly, and the developers have written that the risk is now equal to the reward of using those moves on your opponent. The release date for version 3.10 is unknown, but you can buy it on Steam until November 28th for $13.19, while the Anniversary Edition will cost $30.

So Killer Instinct thanks you very much, it’s still going strong.

Source: PCGamer

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