A Long-Awaited Gameplay Twist In The Last Of Us Part II Re-Release

No Return, a roguelike mode, fulfills what was left out of the base game released three years ago on PlayStation 4.


The Last of Us continues to be one of Sony’s blockbuster IPs, with the first installment released in 2013 receiving two re-releases since then (the PC port of the PlayStation 5 remake was not released in pristine condition), and the HBO TV series has also sparked interest in Naughty Dog’s IP. That’s why the second installment is coming to PlayStation 5, which will feature “lost” levels as well as current-gen features (such as Variable Frame Rate Refresh, or VRR).

The biggest new feature in the new version is the No Return game mode, where you’ll have to survive random encounters. There will be more playable characters and maps. The characters will have unique traits and abilities, but Naughty Dog and Sony have not revealed much about them. Abby, Dina, Ellie, Jesse, Lev and Tommy have already been confirmed. Tommy is the one fans can really look forward to, as he’s a key character in the franchise (he’s basically always been there for Joel and Ellie).

Tommy is Joel’s brother, and he later did not focus on survival, joining the Fireflies and then leaving to start a new community in Jackson. He also helped Joel and Ellie on the first journey, and in the sequel he tells Ellie Abby’s whereabouts. Tommy eventually follows Ellie and is able to hold his own in battle. Tommy has considerable influence on Ellie’s decisions, so the character is rightfully present in No Return, where the story is likely to be largely neglected. Fans of the franchise would welcome a prequel story in which he is the main character.

With No Return’s endless replayability, The Last of Us Part II Remastered, due out in early 2024, could also appeal to owners of the original, though they’ll need a PlayStation 5 to get it.

Source: GameRant

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