Two PlayStation 3 Exclusives’ Remakes Fans Would Love To See

The studio that made the original games is still under Sony (PlayStation Studios), so there is no obstacle for “Blues” to meet fans’ expectations in this regard.


Sony recently announced that The Last of Us Part II will be re-released on PlayStation 5. Following this, fans are asking PlayStation Studios to give the first two InFamous games a similar overhaul. The franchise has recently been on hiatus, as the last installment in the series is almost ten years old, with InFamous First Light released in 2014. The IP is the brainchild of Sucker Punch, who last released Ghost of Tsushima (and it’s about 100% that the team is currently working on a sequel…).

The first InFamous came out on PS3 in 2009, and in that game and its sequel, we got to control Cole MacGrath: the guy could absorb electricity, and not only could we travel to bigger cities, but we could use a karma system to decide whether to be the good guys or do anything and everything, and ultimately see the end on the evil side. Since neither PlayStation 4 nor PlayStation 5 can run PS3 games locally (!) (although one of the PS5 patents is for just that – maybe something will come of it), we’re currently either playing both games on PS3, running them from the cloud (PlayStation Plus Premium) or emulating them on PC…

On Reddit , user OGGamer6 said that he would pay $70 for the two InFamous remakes, but considering the age of both games, he would be happy just to run them at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS. Many fans reacted similarly to the post, but unfortunately Sucker Punch has no plans to return to the IP, despite the team saying as much last year.

Maybe they have reconsidered and there will be a revival due to a similar demand as Final Fantasy VII. Or maybe not.

Source: GameRant

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