Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Developers Might Come Up With A Useful New Feature?!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is still months away, but Square Enix is already showing players a new feature in which the staples of the series, the chocobos, also play a role.



Chocobo fans have received good news from Square Enix! In connection with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, it was revealed that chocobo farms would be expanded with a new function, the “chocoboutique”, during the game. This new feature coming to FF7 Rebirth will add some new layers of customization to feathered mounts that were not present in the original game.

As one of the eponymous mascots of the Final Fantasy series, along with moogles and cactuar, the chocobo has been a main character in the game since its debut in Final Fantasy 2.

While most chocobos in the Final Fantasy series are used as ground mounts or faithful feathered companions in combat, some of these ostrich-like birds have taken to the air for bonus objectives. In the original FF7, chocobo breeding and chocobo racing were the two main side features of the game. In these, players could participate at different points in the game. However, finishers who wanted to collect all materia, including the Knights of the Round summon materia, spent much time on these features to access the legendary golden chocobo.

However, on February 29, chocobo fans can expect another game mode. On social media, the FF7 Rebirth development team shared an image of a dark-feathered chocobo. The animal wears a unique vest and hat as part of the chocoboutique feature. With chocobotan training and treasure hunting confirmed in previous posts in FF7 Rebirth, the new boutique will add a new layer of customization for players to interact with.

It is unknown how the barding, saddle, cap and feather colour of the chocobos will be obtained in FF7 Rebirth and how many options there will be to choose from.

In other games in the series, such as Final Fantasy 14, players could already choose and customize different chocobo bardings, saddles, armour, and feather colours. But these were made purely for cosmetic purposes and for posterity.

In regards to customizing the FF7 Rebirth chocobos, Square Enix has stated that the chocobo’s equipment sets will affect how the bird performs in the chocobo races held in the Gold Saucer.

It will become apparent in time what this means. Initial reactions to the new chocobo boutique on social media have been positive. Between the chocoboutique and the new dynamic difficulty mode, which adds a unique flavour to combat, FF7 Rebirth seems to surpass its predecessor in many ways.

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