Undead Labs May Work On Other Projects Besides State Of Decay 3?!

Undead Labs, developer of the State of Decay series, may be working on State of Decay 3, among other “yet to be announced” projects…



Undead Labs, the developer of the State of Decay games, is said to be working on other projects besides State of Decay 3. The developer has been working on State of Decay 3 for quite some time now. The game was announced during the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase.

The games in the Undead Labs’ State of Decay series are among the more popular zombie survival games in the industry, with the latest entry, State of Decay 2, being one of the best open-world zombie survival games out there, despite being over five years old.

Due to its success, many fans called on the makers to develop a sequel. This wish was granted with the announcement of State of Decay 3. However, Undead Labs has been mostly silent on the game’s development progress since then, and there may be another reason for that.

Twitter users Idle Sloth and Romu_lus discovered that Undead Labs is working on at least two previously undisclosed games besides State of Decay 3. This may further explain why Gears of War developer The Coalition is helping to develop the next instalment in the series. In their posts, they cited the LinkedIn profile of Daniel Floyd, a former lead narrative animator at Undead Labs. According to him, he worked on “other yet-to-be-announced projects” before leaving the team in February 2023. Given that Undead Labs announced State of Decay 3 in 2020, it is believed that Floyd’s statement could mean that the developer is working on other games while developing State of Decay 3.

Floyd’s statement did not mention whether the other projects Undead Labs is working on could be new games from the developer or support other Xbox game developers.

Some players have speculated that other Undead Labs projects are story-driven titles in the State of Decay universe. Others believe that they are zombie games with a survival horror/action focus. One gamer also believes Undead Labs’ other projects are DLC for State of Decay 3. This is possible as the game is potentially the company’s biggest and boldest entry in the State of Decay series.

The discovery of Idle Sloth and Romu_lus may not bode well for the State of Decay 3’s development and release date. Fans may remember a rumour. That said, State of Decay 3 won’t be released until 2027 for unknown reasons.

If the rumour is true, then Floyd’s statement and the alleged toxic and sexist behaviour in the Undead Labs workplace could be the reason for the long wait despite the help of The Coalition.

Despite this, the company did not address the rumours. No release window/date has been announced for the State of Decay 3. So fans should be sceptical about any stories about the game. At least until the developer releases official information about the game.

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