We Found Out Who Will Play Donald Trump In The Apprentice!

MOVIE NEWS – Sebastian Stan, known for playing the Winter Soldier in the MCU, has been cast as young Donald Trump in the upcoming film The Apprentice.



In the upcoming film The Apprentice, Sebastian Stan plays former President Donald Trump. Stan is best known for playing the role of Bucky Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The star has appeared in seven MCU films so far, as well as the Disney+ MCU series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Plus, he’s nominated for an Emmy in 2022 thanks to his most recent role in the Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy.

According to Deadline, Sebastian Stan has been cast as a young Donald Trump in The Apprentice by Iranian director Ali Abbasi, who most recently helmed two episodes of The Last Of Us and 2022’s Holy Spider.

The film takes place in New York in the 1970s and 1980s. It will follow Trump being mentored by Roy Cohn as he tries to build his real estate empire. Jeremy Strong, known from Succession, and Maria Bakalova, known from Borat 2, have also joined the cast of the upcoming film. According to the news, they will play Cohn and Ivana Trump.


Why would Sebastian Stan take on the controversial role of Donald Trump?


Donald Trump is probably one of the most controversial figures in recent American history. Among his many other actions, Trump has been involved in perpetuating the “birther” conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama’s birthplace. In addition, he was accused of sexual abuse several times during his career. Before and during his presidency (during which he was impeached twice, though not removed from office), Trump was often accused of racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia. As well as crimes under common law, including fraud, for which he is currently in court.

However, the star of Captain America may have become interested in the role precisely because of the controversies surrounding Trump.

Stan is used to taking on complex roles. The Winter Soldier is, too, as the character is a former friend of Captain America who was brainwashed into being a Hydra assassin. The Winter Soldier was eventually revealed to be responsible for the death of Iron Man’s parents. Outside of the MCU, Stan’s roles have primarily been as people who could be seen as villains or even downright evil.

Sebastian Stan, for example, played a man who kidnaps women to sell their flesh on the black market in the 2022 horror film Fresh. And recently, he took on the role of another controversial real-life character, Tommy Lee, in the movie Pam & Tommy. Also, Jeff Gillooly’s role in the Oscar-winning film I, Tonya. It looks like The Apprentice will be another stepping stone in his career of bringing complicated people to the screen.

Source: Deadline

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