PlayStation Plus Essential: What Can We Close 2023 With?

Sony has revealed the games that all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download for free in the last month of 2023; these are the titles that will be available to save you between Christmas meals.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t count on billbil-kun this month either via the French website Dealabs or Twitter. This user has been around for more than a year now, and has been able to correctly reveal the list, sometimes a few days before the official announcement on Wednesday, because there have been no leaks of this month’s games. As a result, we had to wait until the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the following month (which sometimes fell on the first of the month; it happened several times this year…) to see if subscribers would be happy or disappointed this time…

December’s pull title is LEGO 2K Drive (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), which will be of interest to racing fans. The second title starts to push the boundaries again, as not everyone will want to water wash everything and everyone… but you can do that in Powerwash Simulator (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4). The third game is a bit more indie, and this time it’s not a PlayStation 4 game, but a PlayStation 5 game – Sable. This time there’s no extra and no extra discount, which was the case with Sony Pictures Core in November. The balloon popped quickly.

As always, it’s worth checking to see if you have everything you need from the November offer. If not, you’ve still got a few days to catch up with last month’s list, as we’ve got until the 4th of December to pick up November’s PlayStation Plus Essential games. We’ve listed them all as a reminder, because repetition is the auntie of knowledge: Mafia II Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4), Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4).

So it’s safe to say that 2023 is not going to end on a high note for Sony. PlayStation Plus also had a big price hike this year, and so far it doesn’t look like we’re getting quality games for more money.

Source: PS Blog

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