Creepy Horror Game Inspired By P.T. Has Been Revealed!

Hitori de Productions announced their new horror game as their debut work, based on P.T. and described it as the “spiritual successor” to Allison Road.



Indie developer Hitori de Productions has announced its upcoming horror game Supernormal. The company describes it as a “spiritual successor” to the iconic, never-released horror game Allison Road. At the same time, its inspiration was P.T. also as a successor. Released in 2014 as a demo for Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills project, P.T., it has since become a cult classic. Even though it is no longer officially downloadable from the PlayStation Store or anywhere else.

During its brief PS4 availability in 2014, P.T. terrified and enthralled millions of horror fans, and its appeal only grew when the project was cancelled, and the demo disappeared from the PlayStation Store.

In the nearly ten years that have passed since then, countless P.T. was born as a horror game inspired by Among them is the widely anticipated Allison Road project announced in 2015. Despite generating much excitement during the development process, Allison Road was ultimately cancelled in 2016.






Supernormal is a recently announced psychological horror game that will be the first game from Hitori de Productions. These two classic, unfinished games strongly influenced it. According to the game’s Steam page, Supernormal will have players take on the role of a detective. He is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a young woman in a “seemingly ordinary apartment that harbours dark secrets.” Like other detective horror games, Supernormal will task players with gathering clues to solve the game’s central mystery. Meanwhile, frightening paranormal events are happening around them.

Supernormal isn’t currently accepting pre-orders on its Steam page, but interested fans can wishlist the game, which will be released on January 8, 2024.

The site does not yet contain a trailer but presents a series of screenshots. These give a taste of the game’s stunning visual style and clearly show P.T. roots inspired by it. In terms of length, the Supernormal will be relatively compact. It will offer “around 2 hours of playtime.” This puts it in the same weight class as several popular short horror games that provide a condensed, terrifying experience.

Hitori de Productions set the bar high by closely tying Supernormal to P.T. Given its near-mythic status among horror game fans. The fact that fans are still working on how P.T. can be playable on modern consoles almost ten years after the short demo was removed shows how much the community still loves the game. Any game trying to take on P.T.’s legacy must work hard to live up to the original cult classic.

Source: Steam

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