Allison Road Is Revived!

So far it seemed that P.T./Silent Hills’ spiritual successor Allison Road will not be finished due to the Team17 agreement, but the tides have turned once again.

Christian Kesler, the game’s creator, told IGN that he would continue the project alone under the Far From Home label, which was founded by him and his wife.

The game had a long road in a single year: after the July 2015 reveal, a Kickstart campaign popped up, but it got canceled when Team17 stepped in to support the project. However, Lilith Ltd., the developer team, had to announce in June that Allison Road has hit the end of the line.

Kesler took a break after the cancellation, but he went back to the drawing board to work on the game, (necessarily) changing the story here and there. As he began the game development without any help back in September 2014 with some notes in his notebook, he kept working on the game mostly alone, so he might progress to finish the game with any bigwig involvement.

We don’t know the release date, but at least Allison Road is back.

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