It’s finally revealed what Denzel Washington is looking for in the new Gladiator movie

MOVIE NEWS – In the next few weeks, the shooting of the new Gladiatorfilm, which was cut short due to the big Hollywood actors’ strike, may be completed, and director Ridley Scott may start cutting the entire recorded material.


Meanwhile, it is slowly becoming clear what role Denzel Washington will get. It was already known that he plays a very serious character. The film’s new protagonist, Lucius (Paul Mescal), who has evolved from the boy of the 2000 film into a mature politician and warrior, aims to reform the empire. In addition to him, an important role is given to the former gladiator, a slave freed in recognition of his merits, played by Washington. The name of the character is not yet known, but we can already know more about him: according to ScreenRant, it seems that he was mixed from two previous actors. On the one hand, from Maximus, the original gladiator, most recently played by Russell Crowe, and on the other hand from Proximo, who was played by Oliver Reed, who died during the filming at the time. The latter was also a freed slave warrior – then he used his experience to run a gladiator training and a fruitful arms dealer network. Washington‘s character is likely to be a similar retired warrior in the sequel, who is an enemy of the corrupt empire and can mobilize considerable military power to achieve his goals: according to ScreenRant, he will support Lucius by scheming and when necessary, with brute force.

(Untitled Gladiator Sequel – domestic premiere: November 21, 2024)

Source: UIP

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