Kung Fu Panda showed his new face on Thanksgiving Day

MOVIE NEWS – Kung Fu Panda returns to cinemas in the spring in the fourth part of the film series, but it has already shown itself on the bustling streets of New York.


On Thanksgiving Day, the main character Po, the really giant panda, was represented by a 12-meter inflatable figure in the festive parade of the Macy’s department store chain, in a characteristic kung-fu pose. According to MovieWeb’s insightful explanation, Po‘s new face conveys the film’s message: the new panda is no longer a student who marvels at everything, but an initiated master of martial arts, which is not only conveyed by the pose, but also by the decent hat and scarf. what he wears.

In the new adventure, Po leaves the Valley of Peace because a new enemy is on the horizon. The outstanding feature of the mysterious Chameleon is that he can revive all the defeated enemies of the panda, so Po is forced to compete with an army of evil. Regarding the character of Chameleon, ScreenRant praises the creators of the franchise a lot, saying that he is unlikely to solve the big problem of the series. In the past, there have been many complaints from parents that, although the panda adventures are nice and funny enough, there is a relatively high amount of violence, and it is not clear to the child viewers where the enemies that the panda defeats go. In the third episode, there was a partial explanation that the fallen left for the realm of spirits, but the viewers did not get an answer as to where the main enemy Tai Lung, the terrifying snow leopard, went, as he could not be killed in the said realm either. Now, thanks to Kameleon, it will be possible to sew up the loose threads, because the missing anti-heroes will be found, according to ScreenRant.

New Po in Macy’s parade here can be viewed.

(Kung Fu Panda 4 – domestic release: March 21, 2024)

Source: UIP


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