The PlayStation 6 Might Include Pretty Modern Technology! [VIDEO]

The next generation of PlayStation could include some things that could change console gaming forever.


In the video embedded below, RedGamingTech has rounded up some rumors about Sony’s next-gen console. Since the PlayStation 5 was released three years ago, the PlayStation 6’s processor and graphics chip have yet to be decided, and there’s a bit of a delay as Sony’s system is said to come after Microsoft’s product. Sony is planning a chiplet based design. AMD is already using something like this in some of its non-gaming products.

Sony is thinking about some sort of larger cache, which would help developers when it comes to the combined CPU and GPU load, as the console could very likely have GDDR7 memory, and the latency of that could cause problems for the PlayStation 6’s processor. The next-generation console could also feature generative artificial intelligence, and ray tracing could also undergo a major evolution. The former could lead to more interactive, immersive single-player experiences. As for ray tracing, while the yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 5 Pro could bring improvements, PlayStation 6 could go further.

Sony may be using ray-tracing reconstruction technology (which recently popped up in Cyberpunk 2077 and Alan Wake II), as it was mentioned in a recent presentation (which was more about movies, but the PlayStation logo popped up, so the company hasn’t forgotten about games!) Path tracing will also be a relatively regular feature in games.

As for the PlayStation 5 Pro, RedGamingTech has said that the R&D has been completed before the launch of the base model in 2020, and that only one major problem, possibly the cancellation of the hardware by Jim Ryan’s successor, could stop it from being released. And the PlayStation 6 is said to arrive in 2027-2028, which makes sense considering that the PS3 was released in 2006 and the PS4 in 2013…

Source: WCCFTech

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