PlayStation Gamers are Mad as Hell! Some Paid Content Purchased on the PlayStation Store Will Soon be Lost!

PlayStation users will lose access to certain purchases by the end of the year, and fans are calling it robbery. However, this only applies to certain countries where these products were available for purchase at all.


Digital stores are a capricious thing. Despite being an easily accessible source of content, due to licensing issues or simply the whims of large companies, online stores can change their offerings for almost no reason.

PlayStation owners in certain countries (such as the US or even users who had a US account) may experience this firsthand, as a selection of TV shows and movies will soon be unavailable to users regardless of whether or not they’ve paid for them. .

Culture Crave’s tweet outlined the situation: “Sony will be removing tons of TV shows from the PS Store at the end of the year.

“Once you have purchased this content, you will no longer be able to use it”

Well, deleting some stuff from the digital store is one thing, as that would just mean that new users won’t be able to buy it for themselves. Unfortunately, this also applies to those who bought the TV shows outright, as they will no longer be able to watch them despite spending their hard-earned money on them.

As you can imagine, users were outraged, and many used this as yet another reason why it could be dangerous to buy only digital products instead of physical ones in the coming years.

One user commented:

“This is why preserving physical media is so important”.

And another declared: “The supporters of the physical copy keep winning”.

Finally, someone weighed in on the legal implications of disappearing media products, saying:

“How can this not be theft without compensation?!”

It’s not known if Sony will consider refunding people for their purchases if they disappear from the digital store next year, as there was no word in the statement announcing their removal.

The list of discontinued TV shows will be available through the PlayStation Store until December 31, 2023, after which they will disappear for good.

Source: GamingBible

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