What Will NOT Be The Next James Bond?! Barbara Broccoli Tell Us!

MOVIE NEWS – The next chapter of James Bond promises a new look and fresh talents. But producer Barbara Broccoli emphasized that the next 007 will definitely not move in one direction.



Fans of the next James Bond movie eagerly await the unveiling of the new 007, who will carry on the legendary mantle. Speculation about the franchise’s successor is already in full swing. However, Barbara Broccoli says one thing is sure: the next 007 will not be a familiar face from the past in Bond history.

The unveiling of the next James Bond has become a global sensation since Daniel Craig bid farewell to the iconic role of 007 in the 2021 blockbuster No Time to Die.

As fans eagerly await who will be the next actor to inherit 007’s ‘license to kill’, the beloved franchise’s producer, Barbara Broccoli, has assured fans that the next Bond will be a fresh face. This excludes the possibility of recreating previously formed characters. Especially those who have since left the mortal realm.

Broccoli is adamantly opposed to using artificial intelligence to bring back actors posthumously. To recreate the memorable performances of legendary James Bond actors such as the late Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Emphasizing their significant contributions to the franchise, he notes that digitally resurrecting these actors in new roles would disrespect their legacy.

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, she said: “I think that those actors made such enormous contributions to the films, I would not want to disrespect them by having them do things that they did not create.”

As expected, Broccoli remains tight-lipped about potential torchbearers for the iconic James Bond role. Speculative candidates such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tom Hardy and Regé-Jean Page are in the air. But there was no news of an official update. Broccoli subtly hints that the next James Bond will not be an untested newcomer to the silver screen. She emphasized the importance of experience in the iconic role. “We’re totally open to casting a non-star,” Broccoli observes. “But acting is a very specialized profession, and if somebody has to carry a movie and have the range of requirements in terms of physicality, it’s not going to be someone who has never done it before. It would be sort of irresponsible to do that. But we’d certainly be open to a non-star.”

Regarding AI, Broccoli isn’t the only one who believes that using the technology to bring back dead performers is disrespectful. The debate over the use of AI to bring back posthumous actors extends beyond the Bond universe. It provokes ethical debates and different opinions in the entertainment industry.

This controversial practice has generated mixed reactions in parallel fields, highlighting the challenge of balancing technological capabilities with artistic integrity.

While some actors like Donald Glover embrace AI, others don’t. The recent SAG-AFTRA strike also featured concerns about artificial intelligence, with actors like Nicolas Cage denouncing its use as “inhumane.” Cage (who starred in The Flash) criticized the film’s use of artificial intelligence to include posthumous cameos by former supermen George Reeves and Christopher Reeve. Fortunately, James Bond is spared this treatment.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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