Phil Spencer Comments: Will Xbox Game Pass Come To Nintendo And PlayStation Consoles?!

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has commented on whether the company plans to transfer the Xbox Game Pass service to the Nintendo and PlayStation platforms.



The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, discussed whether the Xbox Game Pass service could also become available on rival systems. According to the company, there are currently “no plans” to bring the service to Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. The Game Pass service is quite groundbreaking for the Xbox brand. Subscribed players can access hundreds of titles for a monthly fee. The range includes classic Xbox titles, indie games and even AAA titles published by Xbox. Day one triple-A releases like Starfield benefited greatly from Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, the number of subscribers was also raised to a new level.

Even though the service is exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC, there have been several attempts to bring the service to other platforms as well.

Microsoft once tried to bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation platforms. There were also rumours that they were trying to adapt it to the Nintendo Switch. But in the end, nothing has materialized so far. Microsoft CFO Tim Stuart recently talked about these plans again. You want the service to reach “every possible screen”. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, also commented on this initiative.

In an interview with Windows Central, Spencer was asked about Stuart’s comments about bringing Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo. This has been interpreted by some fans as Microsoft preparing for a future where Xbox will no longer make hardware. Spencer stated: “We have no plans to bring Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo. It’s not in our plans.”

Instead, Spencer wants to focus on innovation for those who already own an Xbox console and is particularly proud of the hardware teams for their work on the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

This is reflected in Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which are both exclusive to the Xbox console. So, the players feel that the engagement is, in a way, a two-way street. He stated that since Game Pass is a substantial part of Xbox’s identity, it will continue to be so. In the future, they will continue to look for opportunities for innovation in the game portfolio and platform of the Xbox brand.


How much does the company spend on Xbox Game Pass? Phil Spencer has revealed it!


Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed that Xbox spends more than $1 billion a year on the popular Game Pass subscription service. While this may seem like a surprising amount, Spencer went on to explain why it is money well spent.

After revealing that Xbox spends $1 billion a year on Game Pass, Spencer explained in an interview with Windows Central that this money is needed to support the many third-party game studios participating in Game Pass.

Members include the most popular game studios in the industry. However, the program also helps finance small, little-known companies that are working on gap-filling projects. While this venture is financially daunting, it offers Microsoft a massive selection of games within Game Pass. Thus attracting even more subscribers to the Xbox platform.

Game Pass has already reached impressive heights. It doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Rumour has it that December 5th and beyond will be big for Game Pass fans. Thanks to some popular games being added to the library, announcements about the service are expected at The Game Awards on December 7th.

Source: Windows Central

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