Johnny Depp to Star as Hell’s Overlord in Terry Gilliam’s Latest Venture

MOVIE NEWS – Johnny Depp and Terry Gilliam, renowned for his Monty Python animations, are teaming up again. At the Red Sea Film Festival, Gilliam discussed his new project, “Carnival at the End of Days,” featuring Depp as Satan. The narrative revolves around humanity inciting God’s wrath, with Satan attempting their salvation.


American filmmaker Terry Gilliam, initially famed for his work with the Monty Python team, is collaborating once more with Johnny Depp. During the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Gilliam revealed details about his latest project, “Carnival at the End of Days.” The film’s central theme is God’s plan to annihilate humanity, with Johnny Depp portraying Satan, striving to shield mankind from destruction.


Depp has previously starred in Gilliam’s films, notably in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Following Heath Ledger’s untimely death during the production of “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” Depp, along with Jude Law and Colin Farrell, stepped in to share the lead role. For a long time, Gilliam planned to cast Depp in the lead role of his repeatedly postponed Don Quixote film, which was eventually released in 2018 starring Adam Driver.

Gilliam attended the Saudi festival primarily for screenings of two documentaries, “Lost in La Mancha” and “He Dreams of Giants,” which chronicle the challenging production of “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.” Before speaking with a journalist from Variety, Gilliam jokingly referred to an incident where the magazine mistakenly published his obituary in 2015.

After receiving a few bottles of wine from the Variety journalist, Gilliam warmed up and shared insights about “Carnival at the End of Days.” He’s collaborating on the screenplay with a young writer, believing his 83 years of age necessitates a partner more attuned to the modern world. The film takes a comedic twist as Satan endeavors to save humanity, arguing that without humans, there would be no need for hell.

Source: Variety

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