Mortal Kombat 1: Quan Chi Comes Before Christmas Food [VIDEO]

NetherRealm Studios has revealed when we can expect to see the next character, Peacemaker, in the new Mortal Kombat (which is as much a “1” as Battlefield 1 was…).


According to the announcement from Warner and NetherRealm, those who buy the Kombat Pack (Season Pass) will have access to the next character in the fighting game a week earlier. In both cases, we can expect a pre-Christmas release, but given the rush, it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s only time for one or two combos with Quan Chi during the holidays.

Here’s the official description: “Quan Chi was born into hard labor in an Outworld mine. He had no future, only the guarantee of certain death in its dark tunnels. Fearing for his life after betraying his fellow miners, Quan Chi was saved by a mysterious benefactor who offered to free him from the mines and train him in dark magic in exchange for his services. Now a master of the Netherrealm’s most vile sorcery, he plots with Shang Tsung to conquer the realms. In the new video, Quan Chi’s necromancy and portal manipulation are on full display, including his ability to summon skulls, skeletons, and Netherrealm demons for devastating attacks.

In addition, the trailer offers a first look at Khameleon, a new DLC Kameo Fighter who can assist in combat with a variety of support moves. Khameleon will be available as part of the Kombat Pack and as a standalone purchase in January 2024. Players will also catch a glimpse of Peacemaker, the upcoming guest character from DC’s Suicide Squad movie and the Peacemaker series on Max. Peacemaker in Mortal Kombat 1 will feature the voice and likeness of actor John Cena and will be available as part of the Kombat Pack and a la carte in February 2024.

Quan Chi will be coming to Mortal Kombat 1 on December 14th for owners of Kombat Pack 1 (there will probably be 2, that’s why we’re numbering it…), and everyone else will be able to purchase the character on December 21st on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, and Nintendo Switch. (It’s time to move beyond PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; both platforms are over ten years since their release!)

Source: Gematsu

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