Is The Nintendo Switch Successor Coming Sooner Than Expected?

What’s more, we’re also hearing about who might be manufacturing the display in the successor to the Japanese company’s hybrid platform.


Let’s start with the display. It’s rumored that the Nintendo Switch 2 (if there’s no official name for the platform yet, for lack of a better idea, we can just call it that…) could have an OLED panel, and this was reported by a South Korean publication, Chosun Biz. According to the site, Nintendo is in talks with Samsung to provide next-generation OLED panels for “a wide range of IT devices”. This discussion between the two parties started recently (on Friday, December 1st!), and it all started largely because of an accusation that another display manufacturer, BOE, had obtained Samsung’s trade secrets for OLEDs…

What we’re hearing today confirms older rumors that Nintendo’s next-gen console could hit stores in two versions (a trend these days, as you can buy the redesigned PlayStation 5 with or without a Blu-ray drive, and there’s also the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S). The cheaper version could have an LCD screen and the more expensive version could have an OLED panel. We don’t know the release date either, but we’ve heard fall and the season before as possible launch windows, but according to Revegnus, a tech leaker, we can expect it in early 2024…

This would come as a big surprise, as marketing for the Nintendo Switch started in October 2016, leaving about four and a half months between its official unveiling and launch. This year, it doesn’t seem likely that the Japanese company will suddenly reveal what platform is coming after the Switch, and since the big N has also repeatedly said that it definitely won’t release the new console this fiscal year, which means until the end of March, the earliest we can expect it is probably the summer.

Of course, none of this is official yet, but we’ve already heard that Nintendo wants to support the Switch after its successor is released. Understandable, since the number of units sold is well over 100 million…

Source: WCCFTech

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