Elon Musk, The Big Gamer, Reveals What He Didn’t Like About GTA V…

Controversial billionaire Elon Musk says he tried to play GTA V but “didn’t like doing crime” in the game…



Billionaire Elon Musk recently stated on X that he “tried” to play GTA V. However, he “didn’t like doing crime”. Grand Theft Auto V is the highest-grossing entertainment product ever made. It has been generating huge revenues since its first release in 2013. Rockstar Games has supported the game’s online mode with frequent content updates for over a decade.

The excitement over the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer led to all kinds of discussions about the upcoming game and the GTA franchise as a whole, and even Elon Musk weighed in on the topic.

Responding to a Twitter/X employee who listed the GTA games he hasn’t played (which obviously includes all of them), Musk said: “Tried, but didn’t like doing crime. GTA5 required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn’t do it.” The Grand Theft Auto games have been highly controversial for decades, so Musk is far from the first person to criticize the franchise’s content.

In addition to the story missions where players shoot at police officers, the destruction in the open world also attracts the attention of law enforcement agencies. Grand Theft Auto players can try to avoid the cops. But sometimes, they have to kill them to achieve their goals. Killing cops is basically unavoidable in GTA, so it’s understandable that some people are reluctant to play the game.

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI probably won’t stray far from the extreme violence the series is known for. There will almost certainly be story missions where players come into direct conflict with the cops. In the first trailer of GTA VI, it was revealed that the protagonist, Lucia, has already had trouble with the law. The trailer ended with him and his lover robbing a store. We don’t know if Musk, the sensitive soul, will still try out GTA VI when it comes out…

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