Epic Games Beats Google In Court – Here Are The Details!

After a lengthy legal battle, Epic Games has finally won a large-scale lawsuit against Google regarding antitrust and anti-competitive practices.



Several years after the initial announcement, Epic Games won an antitrust lawsuit against Google over anti-competitive practices related to the Google Play app store and its billing services. Having lost the case against Apple, this recent ruling in favour of Epic against Google is a significant victory for the gaming giant.

Initially founded in 1991, Epic Games is a video game and software developer and publisher, the creator of Unreal Engine and Fortnite. Epic has been working to expand across platforms but has run into issues with mobile app stores. They objected to Google and Apple’s anti-competitive practices and filed a lawsuit against the conglomerates.

Epic Games first filed a joint antitrust lawsuit against Apple and Google in August 2020, and Epic has just received a ruling against Google.

Epic Games accused both Apple and Google of operating in a monopoly position through their mobile stores. As a result, app and game developers are forced to pay high royalty percentages. As a result, they suffer from anti-competitive restrictions. While Epic’s lawsuit against Apple still struggles with legal issues, the verdict against Google has already been officially handed down. According to the ruling, Epic Games successfully proved that Google created a monopoly by installing the Google Play app by default on Android devices. Google paid app developers and store owners to use Google over other services with anti-competitive intent.


Epic Games vs. Google and Apple


As more video game developers seek to expand into the mobile market, disputes like Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple and Google have severe implications for the industry. With Epic’s victory against Google, there is a possibility that Google will be forced to change its billing practices. This may reduce royalties. This would be promising for smaller studios and indie developers. Because it would make mobile app stores more financially viable. Thus, it would provide more platform options for games. However, Google is likely to appeal any potential penalty. It could force Epic to remain in a legal battle for years to come.

With the Epic v. Apple lawsuit already in murky waters, it may take some time for these antitrust disputes to be resolved.

The video game industry has seen many successes and failures in 2023, from studio closures to major layoffs to massive lawsuits. As the FTC continues to fight Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard acquisition, Epic is continuing its legal efforts; the subsequent impact on consumers is yet to be determined.

Source: Venture Beat

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