Huge Vulnerability In Counter-Strike 2! [VIDEO]

Valve’s game has a vulnerability that can be used to attack entire lobbies and servers…


Ozzny explained it on Twitter: “This image [the first one below] has been going around reddit for the last few hours (very explicit, blurred for obvious reasons). People have been saying it’s fake, but it’s not. Apparently there is a Steam-named vulnerability in Counter-Strike 2 that allows people to change visual things in the game with a simple HTML code linking to an image. But that is not all, apparently you can also get the IP’s of EVERYONE on the server using this method with the help of an IP logger.

It’s also speculated that people could potentially do things like run code on your computer or gain access to your steam account this way. I have NOT seen anyone do this, it’s speculation from people who know a lot more than I do. This should be fixed very quickly but what a huge oversight by Valve, maybe it’s better to just not open Counter-Strike 2 until this is fixed,” Ozzny wrote.

So far, Counter-Strike 2 has had a relatively rough time since its release, so it won’t be easy to live up to its predecessor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). In October, we reported that several players had been innocently banned for using AMD’s Anti-Lag+ driver, which alerted Valve’s Anti-Cheat System (VAC). The bans have since been lifted by Valve (Nvidia works directly with developers, so they use a different solution to reduce input lag!), but Gabe Newell and his team still have a lot of work to do to make Counter-Strike 2 one of the most popular games on Valve’s digital platform.

In the video embedded below, another Twitter user, @PirateSoftware comments on the vulnerability in Counter-Strike 2. He says that the security issue is a very real, real thing, and he also suggests that it’s worth pausing the game until Valve fixes it. In the meantime, let’s play The Day Before… or not: today’s news was all about what happened to it and the game’s developer, Fntastic.

Source: WCCFTech

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