Google Is About To Give Its Chatbot Capabilities That Are Really Scary!

TECH NEWS – Google is working on a new chatbot that will look at your photos and answer your questions about your life…



I would like to believe that we are still far from the AI singularity. But based on the current state of what AI is capable of, things are pretty compelling and often scary. Google is now apparently working on a new Gemini-related project that can look at your photos. Then, talk about your whole life based on them. I know, the idea sounds really compelling, but at the same time, scary.

A new report has surfaced that claims Google is working on a unique “AI experience” dubbed “Project Ellmann.”

This is obviously for biographer Richard David Ellmann. This project will help you become aware of what is happening in a photo with the help of the LLM. The search giant wants this new experience to be “Your Life Story Teller”. We don’t yet know how Project Ellmann will work, but here’s a statement from a Google spokesperson:

“Google Photos has always used AI to help people search their photos and videos, and we’re excited about the potential of LLMs to unlock even more helpful experiences. This was an early internal exploration and, as always, should we decide to roll out new features, we would take the time needed to ensure they were helpful to people and designed to protect users’ privacy and safety as our top priority.”

So, it looks like Google Photos will help the process. This is because the new feature collects data from search results and finds patterns in the photo. The information available in the images will allow Project Ellmann to describe the pictures using various parameters, which is quite convincing and impressive.

In addition, Google is also working on something called “Ellmann Chat”. It could basically be a more personalized version of ChatGPT. The technology giant says about this: “Imagine opening ChatGPT, but it already knows everything about your life. What would you ask it?” I’d probably ask who else it informs about the details of my life…

Source: CNBC

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