Mysterious Message From Stranger Things Season 5 – What Could It Mean?!

MOVIE NEWS – The creators of Stranger Things are keeping something very secret about the upcoming final season, and fans are trying to figure out what it might be…



Stranger Things showrunner Ross Duffer is hiding something suspicious from fans ahead of the series’ 5th season premiere. The long-awaited season is the final chapter of the popular Netflix series. And fans are scouring the internet for new information.

Not much is known about the ending of Stranger Things at the moment, but co-creator Matt Duffer claimed that the final season of Stranger Things “will be like the first season on steroids.”

The Duffer brothers say they drew inspiration from the first season. It was even hinted that the central character arc would be that of Will Byers, played by Noah Schnapp.

While information about the season is limited, the Duffer brothers enjoy throwing breadcrumbs at their eager audience. Ross Duffer’s cryptic story on his Instagram included a list of Stranger Things Season 5 cast members, including Eleven, Jim Hopper, Nancy Wheeler, Joyce, Jonathan, and Will Byers. The most puzzling detail, however, is a crossed-out name between Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley. Duffer added the following cryptic message: “See you after the holidays.”


Who could be the mysterious character in the fifth season of Stranger Things?


The blacked-out name raised two main questions: who is he, and is he still alive? Characters like Sean Astin’s Bob have already been ruled out for a return. One popular theory is that the missing name is Sadie Sink’s Max Mayfield. He was technically alive at the end of season four. But he is brain-dead and in a coma. According to fans, Max’s character may recover and return. Hiding your name may obscure this fact.

Proponents of the theory also claim that the letter “d” is spotted at the end of the letter line, and in fact, some believe that the placement on the list reflects Max’s placement on the lists of other actors/characters.

Another popular theory that has been discussed on the topic is that the creators of the series withheld the name of Linda Hamilton’s character. The Terminator actress has been announced as a new cast member for the next season of Stranger Things. But the details of her character, like the rest of the fifth season, have yet to be revealed. Perhaps the Duffer brothers are keeping information about his character under wraps for good reason. The long-awaited season, delayed by strikes, has been the subject of several other Stranger Things fan theories since the fourth season aired. The Duffer brothers seem to enjoy adding fuel to the fire.

Maybe the obscure name hides essential information about Stranger Things Season 5. Or the makers are simply waiting for the official announcement. Fans are anxiously waiting for the truth to be revealed. Hopefully, “See you after the holidays” indicates that more information will be announced early in the new year. Regardless, passionate online discourse and confident claims from actors like David Harbour bode well for the success of the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things finale.

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