Could This Be Ridley Scott’s Next Movie After Napoleon & Gladiator 2?!

MOVIE NEWS – Legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott’s next film has been confirmed, following the divisive Napoleonic biopic and the upcoming Gladiator 2.



Ridley Scott has signed on to direct the action thriller BOMB while filming the upcoming epic Gladiator 2. Scott, who is behind such classics as Blade Runner, Alien and American Gangster, is one of the most respected filmmakers. The 86-year-old director is currently showing no signs of slowing down. After the recent release of his epic historical drama Napoleon, the director focuses on Gladiator 2. The latter recently resumed filming after the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes ended.

According to Deadline, 20th Century Studios, which is also behind the Star Wars and Avatar franchises, successfully outbid ten other major studios and streaming services, including Apple, Netflix, Sony and Warner Bros, to purchase the rights to the film adaptation of Kevin McMullin’s short story, BOMB.

The deal, which was reportedly worth around seven figures, also involves Scott’s production company, Scott Free. In addition to 20th Century Studios, he also signed on as a producer, and Scott himself will direct the thriller.


Everything we know about Ridley Scott’s BOMB


In recent years, Scott has shown a commitment to making historical epics. After all, some of his most recent works were also made in this genre. All the Money in the World, House of Gucci and Napoleon are among them. Now that the 86-year-old legend has reportedly signed on to direct BOMB, it looks like he’s jumping back into the world of action thrillers. Because according to the descriptions, the film is very similar to Sidney Lumet’s 1975 biographical crime film Dog Day Afternoon. Also, for Jan de Bont’s exciting action film Speed. Scott’s last attempt at this film style was the infamous critical flop The Counselor.

BOMB revolves around a hostage negotiator who has to deal with a man who parks himself near an unexploded World War II bomb on a construction site in Piccadilly Circus the night before his wedding.

The negotiator requested explicitly by the man finds himself face to face with someone from his past. He engages in a tense game of mental chess at night as he tries to stop the bomb from detonating. The action thriller will be McMullin’s second major film venture. He previously co-wrote and directed A24’s 2019 drama Low Tide.

News about Ridley Scott’s new movie, BOMB, says the film could have “franchise potential.” A young actor will probably get the lead role. While news of a new Scott action thriller would be great news for fans of the legendary director, there is currently no release date on the horizon. Because the film is still in the development phase. Scott is more focused on finishing Gladiator 2, which will hit theatres next year.

Source: Deadline

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