Who Will Play Batman Next? Reacher’s Star Has Spoken!

MOVIE NEWS – Smallville and Titans actor Alan Ritchson, who currently stars in the TV series Reacher, has responded to rumours that he could be Batman in James Gunn’s DC Universe…



Alan Ritchson, who plays Reacher, responds to rumours that he may play the Dark Knight in Batman: The Brave and The Bold as part of James Gunn’s DC Universe. The new DC Universe movie is already in the works. So, the world is actively speculating as to who will be the next actor to play Bruce Wayne in Gunn’s franchise. Although Batman: The Brave and The Bold is only a few years away, it has quickly become one of the most anticipated films from the DC studio.

Although the DC Universe movie still lacks a release date, Andy Muschietti is already in place as the director of Batman: The Brave and The Bold and someone who is in the running to play DC icon Ritchson.

While promoting Reacher season 2, Ritchson was asked in an interview with Fortress of Solitude about who would win in a fight between the caped justice and the titular character. Ritchson went on to address the rumours that he would be playing Batman, responding:

“[Laughs]. With all the rumours flying that I’m supposed to be playing Batman, how can I knock Batman? I would love to play Batman. You know, [Batman without a cape] is a great analogy, actually. But I mean, Batman has got like a cave, and Reacher doesn’t even have a house. He’s got a toothbrush. So, I think Batman has got cool stuff. Dude is loaded and has caves, penthouses, and spotlights that call him. Batman’s cooler.”

Although Ritchson is not currently affiliated with the DC universe, the Reacher star is no stranger to the DC franchise. One of Ritchson’s early career highlights was on Smallville. He guest-starred as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman. Ritchson debuted in Smallville Season 5, Episode 4, “Aqua”. Here, Tom Welling’s Superman meets young Aquaman. Ritchson would later return for a few episodes in seasons 6, 8, and 10 of Smallville. Here, he became a member of the serial version of the Justice League.

However, Ritchson got another chance at the DC brand when he was signed to play Hank Hall, aka Hawk, in the TV series Titans. Ritchson’s Hawk began as a recurring guest in Season 1 of Titans and became a regular in Seasons 2 and 3. Unfortunately, Hank will be one of the fallen heroes in Titans Season 3. The Red Hood kills the character.

James Gunn has stated that since there is no script yet, casting for Batman: The Brave and The Bold has not yet begun.

Ritchson is a growing star, especially after Reacher. It would be interesting to see him in a role like the Dark Knight in Gunn’s DC universe. Even if he doesn’t become Batman, Ritchson’s return for a third superhero stint would be welcome. He is an incredibly talented actor who already has experience in the genre. But for now, time will tell who will take on the cape and cowl in The Brave and The Bold…

Source: Fortress of Solitude

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