“Shaken, Not Stirred” – What’s The Hidden Reason James Bond Drinks His Martini Like This?!

MOVIE NEWS – James Bond orders his martini shaken, not stirred, for several reasons. But according to a dark fan theory, this trait may betray his paranoia…



The character of James Bond has changed a lot over the decades. But according to a fan theory, there may be a dark reason behind his consistent drink orders. Six different actors have played Bond during the franchise’s 25 official films. Each of them brought a new colour to the role of the super spy. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond has little to do with George Lazenby’s previous portrayal. Just as Roger Moore’s vivacious Bond is nothing like Daniel Craig’s brooding, tortured 007. Despite these differences, some character elements were carried over from one version of James Bond to another.

Although the upcoming “Bond 26” may change that, all versions of the character to date have been drinking the same signature cocktail: James Bond infamously drinks his martini shaken, not stirred, despite the unusual method.

This comes from the real-life preference of writer Ian Fleming. Because the writer testified that mixing worsens the taste of the drink. Casino Royale also problematizes this feature with a meta gag. The bartender asks an angry Bond if he wants his martini shaken or stirred, to which the frustrated character replies that he doesn’t care. This suggests that Bond’s preference is at least partly performative. Maybe it’s just part of his personality.


James Bond’s martini order has never changed over the years


While Bond ordering his martinis shaken and not stirred resonates with all versions of the character, few other traits of his have made the same leap. Different versions of Bond look different, act differently and exist in different worlds. Timothy Dalton’s Bond appeared in dark, down-to-earth thrillers. While Sean Connery’s Bond was more into the more unusual, escapist adventures. James Bond’s consistent order of drinks provides a transition between different versions of 007. Reassuring viewers that Bond is still the same polished super spy, even if his personality and appearance may have changed. However, this order of drinks may have another, darker meaning.


A Bond theory reveals the hidden meaning behind the spy’s martini order


Shaking a martini can make the martini more cloudy and also weaken its flavor. Therefore, it is less prevalent in reality. One Bond fan theory is that the spy shakes his martini to make it less potent. This makes it easier to taste the poison. Some milder poisons can be masked with strong alcohol. In other words, because of Bond’s paranoia, he chooses a typical drink that doesn’t taste too strong.

Shaking the martini weakens the already less intense drink than a Manhattan or a Sazerac, making it easier for Bond to notice anything troubling.

Also, Bond may order martinis because he’s afraid of letting himself go a little too much when his job requires him to socialize. This fits the character’s personality in the novel. After all, Fleming consistently wrote the gruff spy as a legitimately paranoid figure. Although all six versions of James Bond differ from Ian Fleming’s original book hero, they all maintain their vigilance even as they drink and charm their latest suitor. So, it would make sense for James Bond to choose a weaker drink to always be on the lookout for potential threats. Even if they come in your beloved cocktail…

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