Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live: A Major Character Returns In The Spinoff!

MOVIE NEWS – A new image from The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live reveals the return of a controversial character from the original series with a critical connection to Rick Grimes.



A new image from The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live has revealed the return of an important character from the base series! Who, moreover, does not have any connections with Rick Grimes. In season 9, the franchise’s protagonist was kidnapped from his community in Virginia by Jadis, a member of the CRM. He was taken by helicopter after suffering life-threatening injuries. The mysterious antagonist has been confirmed to return alongside Rick and Michonne in the upcoming spinoff series.

Now, Entertainment Weekly has released a new photo of Jadis from the upcoming series The Ones Who Live, in which she’s standing in what appears to be a swampy, wooded area, looking angry about something unclear.

Check out the full picture of his comeback below:



The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live



What can we expect from Jadis in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?


Jadis first introduced itself as a built-in CRM agent. For unknown reasons, he collected survivors while grouping them into “A” and “B” categories. Although he first appeared in the original series, his character was expanded in season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. There, it was revealed that he had become a deputy officer within the group. He has risen to a high position, which he assumes has something to do with his capture of Rick.

Since Jadis will play a role in Rick’s return, it is clear that she will play an essential role in the upcoming series as well.

Although we last saw him in an antagonistic role, he will probably be the familiar face guiding Rick through CRM. However, this does not mean that the couple’s friendship develops between them. His appearance would be an easy way to convey information about the giant group.

However, despite his return, it seems that The Ones Who Live will have a new villain in the person of Major General Beale, who was already seen in the short trailer for the spinoff. It’s possible that the two antagonists will be just two of the many threats that Rick and Michonne will face. While trying to get home. However, given Jadis’s own quagmire morals, there’s also a chance she’ll help them on their mission if she sees it to her advantage.

Source: EW

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