Insomniac Leak: Marvel Fans Rejoice, But There’s Bad News!

As great as they are for fans of Insomniac’s newer projects, the studio’s latest leaks paint a disappointing picture for “old school” fans…



The latest leak from Insomniac Games turned out to be staggering. Unfortunately for the studio, a ransomware attack exposed the developer’s plans for the next decade on the Internet for all to see. Tons of gameplay, concept art, plot details, and the cast of Marvel’s Wolverine have been revealed. Another area that fans are focusing on is Insomniac’s upcoming projects. Unfortunately, the studio’s plans don’t seem ideal for old fans.

To be clear, much of the Internet is happy with the direction Insomniac Games is taking, as it uses the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man series as a springboard to flesh out its own Marvel universe.

Based on the iconic Spider-Man villain and mutants beyond Logan, the games will appeal to anyone who loves comic books. But for those who prefer the company’s original IP, the next decade doesn’t hold much content.


Breaking down the Insomniac leak’s game blueprint


In addition to the massive amount of information regarding Marvel’s Wolverine, players have also been given a look at Insomniac’s upcoming releases, which include:


  • Venom (2025)
  • Wolverine (2026)
  • Spider-Man 3 (2028)
  • Ratchet and Clank (2029)
  • X-Men (2030)
  • New IP (2031-2032)


For Marvel fans, it’s hard to imagine a better video game lineup. A Venom game could give the studio an opportunity to use Tony Todd’s unused dialogue. After all, only 10% of the lines taken by the horror icon made it into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!

Plus, a third Marvel’s Spider-Man game isn’t out of the question given how the last game ended, and the title’s planned 2028 release shows that Insomniac will be hard at work after the minor Venom spin-off and Marvel’s Wolverine on the game.

Speaking of Wolverine: it is likely that his story will continue in the X-Men game released at the beginning of the next decade. This came as a pleasant surprise to Marvel fans. With the X-Men games being exclusive to PlayStation until 2035, it’s likely that more mutant titles will follow the original soon. So it looks like Marvel will be Insomniac’s main focus for a long time to come.


But what about the original IP?!


As indicated by the leaked title list listed above, fans will next see one of Insomniac’s original IPs in 2029. Because Ratchet and Clank is coming back after more than five years. This is hardly surprising, given how well the Spidey games have sold compared to Ratchet and Clank. But it’s still disappointing that those who aren’t interested in Marvel content can expect so little from the developer in the coming years.

Unfortunately, it looks like dormant franchises like Sunset Overdrive and Resistance really will be lost forever as they go unmentioned in the developer’s plans.

The positive thing is that the studio has a new IP in the works. However, it’s too early for Insomniac to set an exact release window for the project. It is scheduled to be released in the early 2030s. 2031 and 2032 are among the possible release years. What this game might be about is unclear. After all, the developers have experience with first-person shooters, open-world action games and platformers. Still, it’s a long way off, with four Marvel releases happening before it. And after the release of the new IP, it is expected that more Marvel games, such as X-Men sequels or spin-offs, will follow…

Source: Polygon

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