Leaked Source Code For Grand Theft Auto V And Many Other Rockstar Games Files?

Unbelievable if true: it looks like we are going to end 2023 with more leaks!


There are rumors that the source code of Grand Theft Auto V, which was released ten years ago, and many confidential documents from Rockstar Games have been leaked, which is not such a surprise if you remember the partial source code leak last year. Anyway, the company has had quite a troubled year, with several server intrusions, and last year a hack into their network led to the leak of an hour of gameplay from Grand Theft Auto VI (which landed the perpetrator in the hospital for life, as we wrote earlier), with the first trailer video of the game leaking onto the Internet before its official premiere.

On Twitter, GTA Focal reported that the source code for Grand Theft Auto V had been leaked, and that the leak was mostly a 4 gigabyte file, but the full version was not yet available, but a 200 gigabyte file was rumored, and the email address of 1158 employees in the source code was also leaked! The file contains assets and 3D models, and there is a good chance that the complete game can be built and started…

To make things worse, not only Grand Theft Auto V is involved in the leak, but also the long awaited but somehow never finished Bully 2 and the code for Grand Theft Auto VI. There are also mentions of unreleased DLC, such as the Trevor add-on, which has been mentioned in previous leaks of Grand Theft Auto V. A map of Agent was also leaked, which was Rockstar’s own idea for a secret agent (but this game has finally been officially canceled by Rockstar and Take-Two after many years).

Take-Two has started deleting the links, but social media is already spreading everything there is to know so far, and Midnight Club 5 has been mentioned… so plans are being made.

Source: GameRant

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