Zack Snyder Firmly Answers The Question Of Whether He’ll Make More DC Movies…

MOVIE NEWS – Zack Snyder has shared a massive update on his return to the DC Universe and directing a new comic book movie.



Zack Snyder has spoken out about rumours of his return to DC, giving a blunt response to those who want him to continue the Snyderverse.

The DC Extended Universe, popularly known as the DCEU, began when Snyder directed Man of Steel in 2013. Later, the director made two more films in the franchise. However, Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon in 2017 during the Justice League reshoots. It was not even considered for further projects.

His DCEU journey ended with the release of the director’s version of Justice League in 2021, and it seems the filmmaker has moved on from the world of comics.

In an interview with The Atlantic, he was asked about his latest film, Rebel Moon, which received a rather mixed reception. He gave a straight answer to a potential DC comeback. The director noted that he is not chasing James Gunn to direct a new DC film. He clarified that he will be working on creating new IPs that are “cool”. Snyder said, “I’m not knocking on James Gunn’s door, going, like, ‘Bro, shoot me one of those sweet movies.’ The holy grail is some original IP that you create, that has resonance and is cool.”

Snyder’s fans have long wanted the director to make live-action comic book adaptations. His fans have once again started a campaign on social media, asking Netflix to give him a chance to continue the Snyderverse. The director took the world by storm with Man of Steel and earned much praise for his directorial skills. Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, fans were absolutely delighted with the way it reintroduced Superman to the world. However, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a massive critical failure. Although it grossed over $873 million worldwide, the film only managed a 29% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 2021 was the last time fans would see Snyder at the helm of a DCEU film, ending his reign.

Now that Gunn is practically starting from scratch on the newly announced DC Universe, it’s highly unlikely that Snyder will return.

Moreover, the director’s recent statements following the release of Rebel Moon indicate that he has already decided to move away from DC. With the sequel set to be released in April 2024, Snyder may now have the creative freedom he didn’t get in the DCEU. However, his fans do not calm down. They keep pushing him to return to superhero movies.

Part One of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is currently available to watch on Netflix.

Source: The Atlantic

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