Tesla Robot Attacked A Human – Would The Machine Rebellion Have Begun?!

TECH NEWS – Okay, maybe the situation is not so dramatic, but it is true: according to a report, a Tesla engineer was attacked by a robot in the company’s Giga factory in Texas…



Would the world of Detroit: Become Human become a reality…?! A robot reportedly immobilized an engineer and left the victim with an “open wound.” A Tesla engineer was allegedly attacked by a robot at the company’s factory near Austin in 2021, according to an incident report filed with regulators.

Witnesses reportedly observed the engineer being pinned down by the robot at Giga’s Texas factory. He clawed at her back and arms, leaving a bloodstain on the factory floor. At least that’s according to the 2021 injury report submitted to Travis County and federal regulators, reviewed by DailyMail.com.

The robot, designed to handle freshly cast aluminium car parts, reportedly immobilized the engineer and left an “open wound” on the victim’s left hand.

The engineer was able to free himself from the grip of the assembly robot after a colleague pressed the emergency stop button. After releasing himself, the engineer reportedly fell several meters down a chute used to collect aluminium scrap. That’s when he left a trail of blood.

Tesla reportedly said the engineer’s injuries did not require him to take time off from work. (But knowing the company’s attitude to taking time off, this doesn’t mean much…)

Tesla has already come under fire for its handling of workplace safety and accident reporting. At the Giga Texas plant, data showed a higher injury rate than the industry average. In the case of severe workplace injuries, there was one for every 26 workers at Tesla’s Giga Texas plant. At other large American car factories, only one in every 38 workers was injured.

Source: Fortune, Daily Mail

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