Baldur’s Gate 3: Have The Save Problems Not Been Fixed Yet?!

Despite claiming to have fixed the issue over a week ago, Xbox is still investigating Baldur’s Gate 3’s frustrating save issues…



Although the game has been available on Xbox Series X/S since early December, they are still investigating the save issues affecting Baldur’s Gate 3 on consoles. A recent Xbox update has reportedly fixed BG3’s save issues. But even after the patch, players are said to be losing their save files. With any game, losing progress can be frustrating. This is especially true for a 75+ hour adventure that considers player choice and randomness.

Save issues aside, it’s been a standout year for Baldur’s Gate 3, with the game becoming the surprise hit of the year in August to generally favourable reviews and topping the bestseller lists.

The groundbreaking PC RPG was then ported to PS5, where it continued to be an overwhelming success. BG3 practically swept The Game Awards. At the same time, the Xbox version was unveiled. Of course, the announcement was met with great excitement, but the reactions of some players have since cooled down. Because constant save problems still plague the port.

Larian Studios publishing director Michael Douse took to social media to respond to fans’ concerns about Baldur’s Gate 3’s deleted save files. According to Douse, the problem may be related to the firmware on the Xbox side, which Microsoft engineers are currently investigating. Unfortunately, with people going on holiday vacation, finding a solution may take some time. However, Douse assures fans that the team takes the issue “very seriously.”

Douse also says that the problem was initially unreproducible, leading the team to believe it had already been fixed. However, after receiving feedback from the community, it became apparent that save issues were still plaguing Xbox players. Douse calls the issue “complicated” but says he sees movement around the frustrating bug on a daily basis.

After months of waiting to play one of the best games of 2023, many Xbox gamers are undoubtedly disappointed by reports of deleted save files.

The holidays are a popular time for players to replenish their own gaming backlog. Many people are probably looking to jump into one of the deepest RPGs of the year.

BG3 returned to the top of Steam’s sales charts months after its release as a new audience found the game thanks to award-winning covers and positive publicity. Baldur’s Gate 3 will likely remain a popular title well into 2024, with further discounts and hopefully more content.

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