Diablo IV: OP Characters Will Be Nerfed Later!

According to the general manager of the Diablo franchise, they are quite fun to play, so they are in no hurry to nerf the strong characters as soon as possible.


Rod Fergusson, who previously ran the Gears of War franchise at The Coalition, is essentially back under Microsoft, as the Redmond-based company has acquired Activision Blizzard King. Fergusson appeared in an interview on the Electric Playground Network YouTube channel, where he confirmed that weakening overpowered characters is not a priority for them: “People on Twitter will come at me like, hey, how dare you make this change to the Sorcerer? I’m like, I didn’t even know we made that change! Like, let’s be fair, there’s a lot of people making a lot of changes in real time. Sometimes you can get focused on the balance and not the fun.

You can be like, okay, everything has to be at the same level, and you’re really trying to be fair. The thing about a Diablo game is it’s those overwhelming moments where you feel like you’re cheating or you know you’ve fooled the development team or you’re taking advantage of an exploit that it feels really, really fun. That’s what we really had to try to capture in Diablo IV. Like in Season 2, Ball Lightning Sorcerer is ridiculous, but we just let them have fun and we’ll deal with it later. Same thing with Hammer of the Ancient Barbarian. They just got to, like, okay, fine. They’re going to exploit it a little bit, but it’s fine. We’ll fix it next season.

That’s the magic: finding the right challenge. If it’s too easy, people will be like, “It’s not fun because it’s too easy,” but if it’s too hard, it’s the same thing. When you play Diablo IV, it’s supposed to be these kind of ebbs and flows where you’re either behind or ahead of the power curve. You start off a little bit behind and all of a sudden you get this weapon that gives you this huge damage boost and you’re like, “I’m the king of the world. You’re super overpowered. Then you level up a couple of times and you start falling behind again. Then you get another thing and you come back. You’re kind of always riding the progression wave through the game, which is really fun,” Fergusson said.

At least he’s fair about it.

Source: WCCFTech

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