Just TWO Dollars for One of the Best Star Wars Games of 2020, Playable in VR Too!

The galaxy far, far away is now closer than ever with a stellar deal on Steam. A highly acclaimed Star Wars title from 2020: Star Wars Squadrons is now available at an astonishingly low price. Offering a fully immersive VR experience, this game is a must-have for fans of the epic saga and space combat enthusiasts alike.


Steam’s latest promotion is a delightful surprise for sci-fi and Star Wars aficionados. A 2020 release, lauded by critics, is now just $2 – a price comparable to a fast-food snack, making it an incredibly wallet-friendly addition to any game library.

Star Wars Squadron is a space combat simulator that allows players to step into the cockpits of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire’s fleet. Its VR support enhances the immersion, plunging players deep into the Star Wars universe. With various modes, including multiplayer battles and a single-player campaign, it offers extensive entertainment for all types of gamers.

The game’s graphics and sound design authentically reflect the Star Wars films’ visual and auditory essence. Detailed spaceships, breathtaking space battles, and iconic locations from the movies all contribute to a genuine Star Wars experience. Players can also customize their spacecraft, engaging in space battles in their own style.

For those looking to experience the thrills of Star Wars space battles or seeking an excellent VR game at an affordable price, Star Wars Squadron is an ideal choice. The offer is for a limited time, so it’s wise to seize this opportunity to join this thrilling adventure in the depths of space.

Source: Steam

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