Speak No Evil: The American Version of the Award-Winning Danish Thriller Promises to be Seriously Brutal

MOVIE NEWS – Speak No Evil, the US version of the 2022 Danish film The Visit, has been given a strict age rating, starring James McAvoy.


It was no coincidence that producer Jason Blum, known for his assured taste, immediately snapped up The Visit. “This Danish-Dutch psychological horror, despite its small budget and minimalist presentation, manages to do what most of its peers fail to do: scare the hell out of you,” wrote one critic of the original version, in which a Danish and Dutch couple become friends while on holiday. The latter invite their new friends to stay with them; one unpleasant situation after another, with more and more ominous signs that something is wrong with the Dutch, and then all hell breaks loose.

The US version has a strict age rating for ‘strong violence, profanity and sexual content, drug use’. This suggests that the makers of the remake have not held back and that the overseas hell-raiser will be a worthy counterpart to the European original.

(Speak No Evil – domestic release: 8 August 2024)

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