The Star Citizen Ship Package Costs a Fortune!

The game’s latest ship package, the Legatus 2953, comes at a laughably high price. This record-breaking expensive package, which includes 175 different spacecraft, costs more than a brand-new Ford F-150 pickup truck. Gamers now have the option to spend thousands of dollars in a single digital transaction, setting a new benchmark in the market for virtual items.


In the multiplayer space trading and sci-fi combat simulation game Star Citizen, a new digital ship package, the Legatus 2953, has been launched, costing more than a new car. Buyers receive a whole fleet’s worth of ships, including some of the largest in the game.

First introduced in 2012, Star Citizen has attracted many players with its unique multiplayer experience. This ambitious title, currently under development by Cloud Imperium Games, combines elements of FPS, MMO, and space simulators. In the game’s latest 3.21 alpha version, players can enjoy some of Star Citizen’s promised features, such as piloting ships. While it’s possible to acquire a spacecraft using only in-game currency, the game also allows players to purchase ships with real money. The game’s most dedicated backers can now instantly get nearly 200 ships through a new package released over the holidays.

The Star Citizen Legatus 2953 package, which includes 175 different ships, costs buyers $48,000. For comparison, a brand-new Ford F-150 pickup truck, one of the most popular in the United States, costs about $33,000. The official online listing of the Legatus 2953 package on the Star Citizen website lists all the ships included in the package, including the massive Javelin-class destroyer. This menacing-looking capital ship is one of the most expensive video game items ever sold, alongside absurdly expensive items like Counter Strike: Global Offensive AWP skins and a complete replica of the Dutch capital of Amsterdam in Second Life.

Players unwilling to pay $48,000 for the Legatus 2953 package can always buy a cheaper bundle or individual ships. Some of the best fighters and cargo haulers in the game are available for a more reasonable price of around $200 to $250, while the best starter ships in Star Citizen are actually below $100.

Players can also quickly farm the in-game aUEC currency in Star Citizen and use it to buy ships instead of reaching into their wallets. Since the game is a life simulator set in space, some definitely find the idea of starting with nothing and working towards a goal like buying a ship exciting.

However, it seems many players still choose the easier route of purchasing something from the in-game store. Star Citizen even raised $3.5 million in just one day last month, the highest fundraising record for the title since Star Citizen was announced over a decade ago.

Source: GameRant

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