This is Why The Fall Guy Could Become a Franchise [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Fall Guy hasn’t even been released yet, and industry circles are already speculating that the first of a franchise may be coming soon.


One of the components is the identity of the two main characters, Ryan Gosling and his partner Emily Blunt, who are among the biggest stars of our time and who are also the names behind two of the most important cinematic events of 2023, Barbie and Oppenheimer. Another attractive feature of the stunt is that it is an action-comedy, which is always a winning formula, with Kingsman and Deadpool proving in recent years that this genre can be a long term project if the material is cleverly thought out and well made by those who get to work on it. On the plus side, The Stuntman is based on a concept from an 80s TV series – the good-guy action movie man has to sell his skin for real – and nostalgia and retro are a treasure trove, whether taken seriously or ironically. Also not to be overlooked is the film’s creator, David Leitch, a stuntman turned director with an astonishing knowledge of action choreography that few in Hollywood can match. He also has a franchise to his name: John Wick is one of the most deadly action heroes ever, thanks to his creativity. After test screenings of The Stuntman, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting that the melee scenes in particular are a new landmark in the genre.

The fine-tuning is also a step in the right direction for the series: there is a lot of violence in The Stuntman, which is an action film, but none of the confrontations are so violent that they would result in a strict age rating, which is a guarantee of a happy future.

(The Fall Guy – domestic release: 2 May 2024)

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