The Cancelled Grand Theft Auto V DLCs Could Have Made A Big Difference!

But Rockstar and Take-Two pushed for money rather than content, so the single player DLCs were canceled and they focused on Grand Theft Auto Online instead…


The source code for Grand Theft Auto V was leaked (as we reported earlier), and so was the code review. The result was both surprising and unsurprising: traces of deleted single-player DLC were found. If any of the finished content had been used, it had been reworked to appear in Grand Theft Auto Online. The DLCs are called Agent Trevor, Prologue DLC, and LibertyV.

A YouTube user, Mors Mutual Insurance, allegedly found leaked emails from Rockstar executives. The discussion details the DLCs. The company’s founders (the Houser brothers) wanted to make more single-player content, but Rockstar’s now-departed president (Leslie Benzies) pushed for a live service. Unfortunately, we can only speculate that this is the reason why the single-player DLCs were eventually dropped, as there is no official explanation.

Two of the three DLC names refer to story expansions. These would have continued the example of Grand Theft Auto IV (Ballad of Gay Tony, The Lost and Damned). The Prologue DLC would have expanded the North Yankton storyline set in 2004 with Trevor, Michael and Brad Snider robbing a Bobcat Cash Depot. This was followed by a frantic chase scene. A corrupt FIB agent, Dave Norton, eventually killed Snider and Michael was injured (presumed dead). Michael and Trevor moved to San Andreas and assumed new identities in the base game, which followed the events in North Yankton by 9 years. The DLC could have filled this void. It could have depicted the Townleys’ struggles as they renamed themselves the De Santas, with a focus on the deterioration of their relationship.

The LibertyV DLC refers to a return to New York-inspired Liberty City (where the first and third episodes were set, as well as the Liberty City Stories and IV DLCs), and Twitter user @kierraaa found files referencing the canceled Agent Trevor DLC. They also referenced characters from previous episodes (Agent Karen Daniels from Grand Theft Auto IV), and fans also found images of an underwater track…

So the three canceled DLCs would have been linked to the previous episodes with old-new locations and characters…

Source: GameRant

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