Fool Me Once: Critics Don’t Like It, But Viewers Are Enchanted By Netflix’s New Thriller!

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix opens the year with the series Fool Me Once, a thriller by the genre master Harlan Coben…



Netflix opens the year 2024 with the thriller series Fool Me Once. This is their latest collaboration with bestselling author Harlan Coben. The series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name published in 2016, the synopsis of which is as follows:

When ex-soldier Maya suddenly sees her husband on a spy camera, whom she thought had been murdered, she uncovers a murderous conspiracy rooted deep in the past. The cast includes Michelle Keegan as Maya, Richard Armitage as her husband, and Adeel Akhtar as the policeman.

Coben hasn’t changed his style with this new production either, which is a real thriller with a story of disappearance, revealed secrets, lots of mysteries and a heroine who investigates despite the danger.

Although the story may seem quite traditional in form and content, the writer seems to be particularly proud of this adaptation. In an interview with the Radio Times in October last year, Coben revealed that the ending of Fool Me Once will surprise many, hinting that it will be different from his novel:

“I think it’s the most shocking ending. One of the things I hope we’ve done well for people, and one of the reasons that the shows have been popular, is when you binge a show, you have to actually deliver on the ending. […] It’s sort of a powerhouse emotional ending, and I think our last episode, which is also unusual, is our shortest episode. Rather than try to bloat the finale, we decided we were actually just going to deliver what we wanted to in that finale.” (The final episode is only 35 minutes long…)

The satisfaction of Netflix subscribers justifies the script change. The series will not have a second season, just like Harlan Coben’s other series intended for the platform. It was published as a mini-series from the beginning.


Fool Me Once: devastating reviews, satisfied viewers?!


Viewers highly appreciated the new series released on Netflix despite mixed reviews. (Our review is expected in the course of tomorrow.) Nem versz áer was officially released on the service only on New Year’s Day. But based on the Independent’s report, it received negative reviews from many critics.

Despite this, fans shared rave reviews of the series on social media.

Several people who managed to preview the eight episodes confirmed that the screenwriters took a completely different direction from the novel, more rooted in reality. Instead of family drama, the series deals more with corrupt pharmaceutical companies and artificial intelligence.

It seems that Fool Me Once may not revolutionize the genre, but it respects the viewers…

Source: Independent, Radio Times

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