After The Xbox Series X Fridge, Here’s The Xbox Series S Toaster!

The memes that started during the Xbox One were not taken seriously by Microsoft at the time, but they have since taken hold.


At the time, there was a meme that the Xbox One (which essentially shot itself in the foot at the beginning of the generation when it required the purchase of the second-generation Kinect camera, which added $/€/£100 to the price) looked like a VCR. At the time, Redmond didn’t take it too seriously, but with the current generation of consoles, they’re playing on the Internet’s reaction.

We may have already written about how the Xbox Series X was mistaken for a fridge by the public because of its appearance. In response, Microsoft released a fridge that looks the same (in mini format, too, and we wrote about that, of course). The Xbox Series S hasn’t been included so far, but the smaller current-generation Xbox (which Microsoft admittedly considers the base model, while calling the Xbox Series X a half-generation update…) hasn’t escaped either: the Xbox Series S Toaster has been released…

Walmart has started selling a product that can toast bread on six levels, automatically shuts off, collects crumbs on a small removable tray, has an LED display to tell you how long the program has been running, and can also toast an Xbox logo on your bread. And the product description is full of Xbox references (Achievement Unlocked, it begins), so the creative minds at Microsoft must have had their fill.

The funny thing is that the toaster is not that obvious. At first glance, a layman wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s a video game-themed product on the counter. And maybe that’s where its success lies, because when we clicked on the link, the “out of stock” sign was waiting for us upon delivery, so the $40 toaster will still be in demand (Walmart says they sold over a thousand of them in a single day…).

Source: PCGamer

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