The Last Of Us: Bill And Frank Might Get A Prequel Series And The Series Version Be Considered “Official”?!

MOVIE NEWS – The Last of Us star Nick Offerman suggested that a Bill and Frank prequel film be made. But fans have pointed out one reason why a spinoff isn’t viable…



The Last of Us star Nick Offerman, who played Bill in the HBO series, pitched the idea of a possible Bill and Frank spinoff prequel to reporters. However, fans were quick to voice their scepticism.

While the game heavily implied that Frank, who was already dead by the time the chapter was reached, was Bill’s mate, the series fleshed out their story in a narrower, deeper direction.

The co-creator of The Last of Us series, Craig Mazin, wanted to expand and give more life to the original story of Bill and Frank. Thus, episode 3 of the first season, titled “Long, Long Time”, focuses mainly on their relationship during the 20 years after the start of the apocalypse. Until Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) reach their town.

After accepting an Emmy for his performance in The Last of Us, Offerman answered a question at a press conference. Whether Bill and Frank can return in the flashbacks next season. After joking that the question was for a higher-up, he said the idea had been floated. Many commenters on the r/ThelastofusHBOseries subreddit clarified that Offerman was only kidding, the tweet sounded ambiguous.

Fans agree that there is no need for a prequel; they believe that it would bloat and cheapen the already “perfectly” closed story…

The series changed the history of Bill and Frank. According to some, it was good for him that the story was told tightly and in its entirety. Others, on the other hand, felt that it was no more but spending far more time than was justified on an unimportant storyline. As for a potential spinoff, fans say there isn’t enough material to stretch the characters’ storylines to a season length. Some people say that if a prequel series were to happen, they would still watch it, although the possibility of the pair getting involved in “weekly adventures” seems unnecessary.

The fandom, Hollywood, and critics may be enjoying Offerman’s character, but the fact that a prequel would ruin the whole episode seems to be a big consensus.

However, this does not completely rule out a spinoff series set in the TLoU universe. Fans are set 20 years before the series’ events and would be introduced to a younger Joel, Tess and his brother Tommy. The players were interested in possibly uncovering their past. However, many fans believe keeping it in the dark is better.

If The Last of Us Season 2 is this successful and manages to pull off the storytelling, then the TV format could be the right medium to explore their backstory as a spinoff story properly. It would even give Offerman the opportunity to have Bill return as a cameo. In the meantime, viewers can return to The Last of Us Season 1 on Max. Or they can get a copy of the game to see for themselves how Bill’s story unfolds.

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