Son And Bone: TeamKill Media Tries Again [VIDEO]

This time, the American studio tries its hand at dinosaurs, but the question is whether this will be an untraceable mess like their previous game…


2023 has seen a lot of great games released, but TeamKill Media’s Quantum Error is not one of them. Released for the PlayStation 5, the Unreal Engine 5 game suffered from graphical glitches (every time the camera cuts away, the models are partially missing for a few frames, a headache is guaranteed in the long run), its story is almost impossible to make sense of, the voice acting was average, and the gameplay once again had interesting choices (you can get ammo earlier than you can pick up guns…). …?), and the subtitles were scandalously wrong (right your wrongs instead of write your wrongs…?), despite the fact that the native language of the studio’s developers is English…

TeamKill Media already announced a sequel, Quantum State, at the end of Quantum Error (while we’re still waiting for the PC and Xbox series ports of the game…), but as if that wasn’t enough, they already have another game in the works. (They do include the copyright for the PlayStation 4 logo at the end of the video, though, so it’s completely unclear what the studio’s intentions are!) The game is about cowboys fighting dinosaurs.

“When a local farm in Patchwork, MT is attacked by a group of notorious bandits, Sheriff  Sam Judge sets out to bring them to justice by any means necessary and save the hostage they have taken. But on his journey, through the mysterious motives of those he pursues, Sam finds himself transported to another world overrun with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs and now must fight for his life to make it back to earth,” reads the official description. Earth with a small E. Seriously?

Son and Bone will be released on PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024. A tip for the Jones brothers: Don’t imitate Kojima by putting your name on the game ten times at the beginning. It didn’t work in Quantum Error, don’t repeat it.

Source: WCCFTech

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