Disney Plus: Brand New Marvel, Star Wars and Self-Produced Content Coming

MOVIE NEWS – Disney+ is starting this year with countless new premieres, including self-produced series such as “Cristóbal Balenciaga”, “The Shogun”, or promising star parade “Rivals”, the live-action “Star Wars Acolyte”, as well as Marvel’s “Echo”. The sequels of popular series will also return to the streaming service , such as “The Teddy Bear” or the third season of “Welcome to Wrexham” among many other great content.


The Cristóbal Balenciaga self-produced drama series tells the story of the life and legacy of the legendary Spanish fashion designer.The The story begins with his first show in Paris in 1937, and then shows his career as he became a dresser for the Spanish elite and aristocracy in Madrid and San Sebastián. yet he became one of the most influential fashion designers in history.

Cristóbal Balenciaga is one of the most universal Spanish icons, but at the same time, people know very little about his life, as he lived in seclusion from the world. His work had an extraordinary impact on contemporaries and later generations worldwide. However, the general public is not aware of how a big impact it has had on the history of universal fashion” – said Sofía Fábregas, VP of Disney+ Spanish Home-Made Content. All episodes of the Spanish self-produced series will debut on January 19 on Disney+.

On January 17, one of last year’s large-scale sci-fi action thrillers, “The Creator” (The Creator), set in a future war between humans and artificial intelligence. Joshua (John David Washington), an embittered ex-elite soldier grieving his missing wife (Gemma Chan), is assigned to capture and kill the Creator, the hidden developer of advanced AI, as the mysterious weapon he has created could wipe out humanity. Joshua and his team of elite soldiers penetrate behind enemy lines, where they are shocked to discover that the world-destroying weapon is actually a robot living in the body of a young child (Madeleine Yuma Voyles).

Source: Disney Plus press release

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