This is How Ryan Gosling Became Friends with the Former Star of The Fall Guy

MOZI NEWS – The action comedy The Fall Guy promises to be the big movie of the spring, with Ryan Gosling as a stuntman who, through no fault of his own, is forced to use his skills on set against real gangsters.


The film is based on the idea for a hit TV series from the 1980s, in which the classic series did justice to the era’s heartthrob, the dangerously handsome Lee Majors as Colt Steavers. Gosling, of course, prepared for the role of Colt by befriending Majors so that he could bring both professional and human credibility to the character. “He visited me on set and we became very close friends,” Gosling told People magazine. – He’s a great guy, he’s nice, he’s direct. He reminisced about the good old days when every American sat in front of the TV when his show was on. We talked about how we should be as casual about the movies now as they were about the series back then. He also told me that after five years he never got bored of the show, and he still doesn’t know why it was axed, because its ratings have not dropped after all this time.”

Back when Lee Majors sang the theme song to the series (The Unknown Stuntman), Gosling has not attempted the same feat, but mysteriously says he is a “very important artist” who sings the classic song.

The Fall Guy is directed by David Leitch, who himself has been in the business for many years. For example, he broke his back as Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum and fought as Brad Pitt’s alter ego in Fight Club. Leitch’s current film is a tribute to the anonymous stuntmen and other good-working men who provide much of the excitement of action and adventure films, but are not as respected as the stars. The stuntman eschews digital tricks wherever possible, instead focusing on traditional stunts. “We tried to jump as high as we could on the airbags, jump as far as we could with the cars, and spin them as many times as physically possible,” the director reveals.

(The Fall Guy – domestic release: 2 May 2024)

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