The Increase in Xbox Game Pass Slows Down According to an Analyst

Despite the largest subscribers of all time, the Xbox Game Pass is facing a declining growth, according to a new report.


The Xbox Game Pass growth slows down, says a newly published analyst report. This little unofficial insight into the popular service can help you explain why there are currently no up -to -date Xbox Game Pass subscriber data we can talk about.

This was not always the case, as Microsoft initially provided updated data on an increase in the subscription offer after launching it for the first time in June 2017. The technology giant was particularly happy to share the Xbox Game Pass subscriber milestones during the pandemic when such updates became more common than quarterly reports. Most recently, however, it was attached to the flagship service in January 2022, when it turned out that the Xbox Game Pass had reached 25 million users.


Xbox Game Pass is reported to have closed the year 2023 with more than 33 million subscribers


Due to the lack of subsequent communication, it is understandable that Microsoft no longer considers the growth rate of Xbox Game Pass to boast. The latest evidence, which supports the theory, comes from the London -based Omdia analyst and consulting firm; In a statement to IGN, OMDIA leading analyst James McWhirter has revealed that the British company estimates the membership of the Xbox Game Pass by the end of 2023 to 33.3 million. This figure suggests that the platform’s 2023 growth rate was 13%, a two percentage point decrease compared to the previous year.

Source: GameRant

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