Recent Poll Unveils the Extent of Developer Engagement with Nintendo’s Upcoming Console

A significant segment of game creators are actively developing projects for Nintendo’s forthcoming platform, successor to the Nintendo Switch, as indicated by a fresh survey.


At GDC, eight percent of the developers polled reported their engagement in crafting games for Nintendo Switch’s yet-to-be-revealed successor. Although slightly under ten percent might seem modest, this translates to several hundred developers. Moreover, considering the highly anticipated successor to the widely acclaimed Nintendo Switch hybrid console is still cloaked in mystery, some developers might be withholding their participation in next-generation software development.

Although not officially announced, the successor to the Switch is presently Nintendo’s most closely guarded secret. Last year, there were whispers that Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming system would be introduced secretly at Gamescom. Since then, there’s been relentless speculation, with unverified reports surfacing almost daily about the new console featuring certain chips or technologies. Yet, despite the lack of solid information on this enigmatic new console, evidence of its impending arrival is apparent.

VGC has reported that among 3,000 developers surveyed at GDC, 250 claim they are devising a game for the Nintendo Switch’s successor. This survey encompasses developers from both large-scale AAA game studios and smaller independent ones. Furthermore, 32% of those surveyed expressed that Nintendo’s next gaming platform is currently their primary focus.

Again, details about the successor to the Switch are scant, but there’s a common belief that the new console will maintain the hybrid functionality of the current model. The Switch’s ability to effortlessly switch between portable gaming and a home console experience has catapulted it to one of the top-selling gaming systems ever. Historically, Nintendo has faced challenges in attracting third-party support due to occasionally outdated technology and unique features. However, the Switch’s overwhelming success has drawn numerous partners to its ecosystem. With Nintendo’s ongoing success in hybrid technology, it’s expected that third-party developers will keep backing the company.

Leading industry analysts predict that Nintendo’s new hardware, the successor to the Switch, will launch later in 2024. Although unconfirmed, it’s widely speculated that Nintendo will continue with the hybrid design that propelled the Switch to immense popularity. Nevertheless, analysts anticipate that the new console’s price will rise to $400 and games to $70, aligning with the current pricing of major PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S games.

In the absence of a new Switch model, Nintendo enthusiasts still have much to anticipate this year. A multitude of first-party and third-party games are slated to arrive on the platform in the near future, and these are just the games that have been officially announced.

Source: GameRant

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