Shocking Scandal in a Video Game Accused of Human Trafficking!

The Palworld, a newly released video game, immediately stirred up significant controversy within the Steam community due to accusations of digital human trafficking. The game, reminiscent of the Pokémon world, is a multiplayer survival and building game. Although the characters in the game resemble those of the famous franchise, the scandal revolves around the selling and captivity of human characters within the game.


It’s common to encounter games that unexpectedly gain immense popularity, and Palworld is one such game. It’s a survival and building game that can be played cooperatively. Players can lure creatures called ‘pals’ into small orbs, which are then used for building, breeding, labor, or combat. Some argue that the captivity and selling of characters in the game mirror real-life human trafficking, sparking significant outrage.

A streamer named Coney demonstrated through videos that human characters in Palworld can also be captured and sold. In the game, alongside various creatures, humans also become ‘pals,’ capturable and utilizable in the same way as in the Pokémon games. A censored animation in which the streamer’s avatar processes a captured human suggests cannibalism and slavery within the game, leading to outraged reactions on social media. Many users consider the game’s depiction of capturing and selling humans as an endorsement of human trafficking.

Some players and content creators, like Jacob Skraw, highlighted that Palworld allows the capture and trade of humans, depicted as illegal and taboo within the game world. This issue has sparked debates among the gaming community, with many considering it a memorable moment in gaming history.

The American IGN noted that using humans for labor in the game is not efficient, but the debate continues around the in-game portrayal of human trafficking and the killing of humans. Despite these controversies, Palworld remains popular on Steam, ranking as the second most-played game with over two million copies sold within the first 24 hours of release. It continues to receive positive reviews, even in its early access stage.

Source: IGN

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