Apple Vision Pro: A Worse Experience Outside The United States

TECH NEWS – Apple will limit the features of the AR Headset outside the USA.


You can pre-order the device from anywhere in the world, but Apple’s Q&A page already warns us that users in the US will get a different experience than those outside. Only American English is supported for typing, using Siri, and using Dictation. Apple Music and TV in-app purchases require a US Apple ID, Zeiss will only accept prescriptions for personalized lenses from US optometrists, some apps won’t work in other countries, and Apple’s customer service won’t be able to help outside the US.

The Apple Vision Pro weighs 650 grams, almost the same as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (682 grams), and that doesn’t include the external battery. The 650 grams or so also depends on the Light Seal configuration, and if you add in the battery, which weighs 353 grams, that’s 1 kg! The Meta Quest 3 weighs 516 grams and the Meta Quest Pro weighs 722 grams (but with the battery at the end of the headband for ergonomics). So it’s going to be heavy, and the delivery date has been pushed back to March, just an hour after pre-orders opened.

According to AppleInsider, even successful pre-orderers can’t expect a February 2 arrival. According to an analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the initial US shipment is only 60-80,000 units, and he has previously claimed that it will sell out in a matter of minutes. According to him, 500,000 units will be shipped within six months and the product will be available outside the US market before WWDC 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro has a base price of $3500, but if you want to buy everything, you’ll have to pay $4800! For that much, you get 1TB of storage instead of 256GB (+$400), Zeiss lenses are included for those who like glasses (+$150), AppleCare+ is not to be missed (+$500), the Belkin battery holder has to be bought separately (+$50), and don’t forget the case for portability (+$200). Unbelievable.

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