Starfield: You Will Not Believe Your Eyes When You See the Improvements in the New Update in The Comparison Video! [VIDEO]

A video showing Starfield’s graphics in the new beta reveals a number of improvements over the current version of the game, 1.8.88.


Starfield has upgraded some of its lighting effects, according to a new video showing the overall improvement in the game’s graphics. The changes are part of the latest Steam beta, where developer Bethesda Game Studios is working on more than 100 improvements for the update to Starfield.

The Bethesda Creation Engine 2 powers Starfield, and a number of features have been implemented to make the game run on current generation hardware. While Creation Engine 2 is an improvement over the original engine that powered titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim, it has received a fair amount of criticism from players and critics. The updates have addressed some issues, but Starfield’s visuals continue to be criticized by some players. However, the latest update aims to further improve the game’s graphics, as a recent video shows.


What can we expect from Starfield in 2024?


Bethesda has a solid content roadmap for Starfield 2024, so fans know exactly what to expect in the new year.

To thank players for their feedback, Bethesda has released the Starfield update via the Steam beta. The update focuses on quality of life improvements, mission enhancements, and a number of other changes that cover several areas, including graphics. With around 40 improvements focused on graphics, Reddit user TERAB1T has provided a comparison between the current version of Starfield (left) and the beta (right). The video shows tremendous results, with improved lighting compared to Starfield 1.8.88 on the right. The video only shows the player character interacting with Franchesca “Frankie” Moore, Starfield’s NPC who lives on the planet Neon. But the video shows how much has changed since December 2023.

They really improved the lighting in the latest beta!
byu/TERAB1T inStarfield

One issue users pointed out in the comments was the spotlight effect in Starfield. The spotlight effect is essentially a light that shines brightly over a character, illuminating certain areas such as their head and shoulders. The video shows the changes to the effect up to the point where it no longer exists in Starfield Other comments praised the graphical updates, though some users shared complaints about the game’s filter. “It’s that damn muddy brown desaturation filter [Neon] has. The whole planet feels washed out and cloudy, not the good kind of cloudy,” wrote one user.

The video above shows just a fraction of the changes available in the Starfield update in the Steam beta. Bethesda will continue to release updates every six weeks as part of the Starfield 2024 roadmap.

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