Warhammer Meets CoD in Epic Crossover Leak!

Recent information extracted from Modern Warfare 3 indicates a potential crossover with the Warhammer 40k universe.


The latest update for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, known as Season 1 Reloaded, was released recently. Data analysts have been exploring the game’s code to uncover potential future plans for the Call of Duty series. Their findings point to several connections with the Warhammer 40k series.

These revelations include potential Call of Duty loading screens displaying artwork from Warhammer 40k, specifically the Dark Angels chapter of the Space Marines. These leaks have been linked to a notorious data extractor, going by the alias CODWarfareForum. Discussions of new operator skins and a special event themed around the franchise have also surfaced.

The game’s code hints at the introduction of Warhammer 40k-inspired bosses for this event, including Baton Jailer, Swamp Monster (Fenbeast), Ogre Butcher, and Mummy. Interestingly, these bosses bear a resemblance to last year’s Warzone Halloween event, Operation Nightmare, which also featured similar creatures. There’s speculation that these characters might reappear in the new Urzikstan map for MW3 and Warzone, but reimagined as Warhammer 40k figures.



Call of Duty has a history of successful partnerships with major franchises, including The Boys, Attack on Titan, The Evil Dead, Masters of the Universe, and Dune. This makes the possibility of a Warhammer crossover quite plausible. However, Activision has not officially confirmed any such collaboration, leaving its likelihood and timing uncertain.

Earlier in Season 1, there were rumors of a crossover with The Walking Dead, featuring characters like Rick Grimes and Michonne, but there has been no official announcement to date.

The launch of Season 1 Reloaded faced challenges, with bugs and other issues causing delays in content releases for MW3 and Warzone. However, recent updates have been made to address these issues, improving the game’s performance. Raven Software has also announced that the Warzone Champion Quest will resume today at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET. As for the delayed Ranked Play multiplayer mode, a new release date is still pending.

Source: GameSpot

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